1996 Denis Mortet – Clos Vougeot (20101030)

“Vine-growing is the number one secret. My great ambition is for a terroir to be recognised more than Mortet.”

Domaine Denis Mortet, a famous Burgundy Domaine that situated at Gevrey Chambertin. The Domaine produced world quality wine from Gevrey Chambertin – especially the only Grand Cru from Gevrey -> The CHAMBERTIN.

The CHAMBERTIN Grand Cru wasn’t available in the wine list, but was quite lucky that another Grand Cru – Clos Vougeot 1996 was on the list. (Domaine Denis Mortet only made two Grand Cru wines).

The wine is old school in style and shows excellent purity with lots of energy. Quoted from Yoshida-san, when we tasted the wine, we can taste the energy of the grapes and got to know that the raw material is perfect. He suggest that the wine is drinking beautifully when he served and not to swirl it anymore as swirling will bring out the harsh tannin and bitter element that destroy the balance of the wine.

1996 Domaine Denis Mortet Clos Vougeot (France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Clos Vougeot Grand Cru)

  • Very spice peppery nose with underlying ripe fruits, dark flower and hint of sandalwood background. The palate is slight austere, but clean and fresh, with lots of intensity and complexity that came along with perfume floral which filled up the mouth with good fruits and elegant, huge mineral background that linger in the mouth effortlessly. The purity is awesome and the slight edgy texture that added more dimension. A wine with class and harmonious.
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2 Responses to 1996 Denis Mortet – Clos Vougeot (20101030)

  1. JT says:

    Yes, Yoshida-San does not advocate swirling for aged wines!

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