When Egon Muller meets Pierre Herme (20101101)

Egon Muller, the top German Riesling producer that produced one of the best off-dry Riesling from the famous / one of the best vineyard for Riesling – Scharzhofberger in the world. Needless to say, as a German Riesling lover, wine from Egon Muller always be my top favorite of German Riesling.

I brought this wine to Japan for the special occasion. When I have no idea where I should pop this wine, I found out that Elevage (a wine bar in Tokyo) allows customers BYO their wines (of course, corkage applied) thus I decided to pop this special bottle in Elevage.

With the helped from Yoshida-san, we were lucky to have the macaron cake from Pierre Herme for the night (I only knew that his macaron is the best in the world from my friend afterward!!!)

Yoshida-san told us that the cake – Ispahan, is the masterpiece of Pierre Herme which we both agreed that the cake was awesome, the best cake that we ever had. What’s happen when Egon Muller meets Pierre Herme? Perfect Marriage! What a night! We were satisfied ^^


Rose macaron with lychee, raspberries and rose petal. It is all about balance and harmonious, the sweetness, fragrance of the rose syrup and lychee perfectly balance by the acidity of the raspberry creates the most seductive, delicious cake that I ever had. The macaron is crispy, but it immediately melt in the mouth when you tried to catch it, a masterpiece!

2005 Egon Müller Scharzhofberger Riesling Auslese (Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer)

  • Alcohol 7%
    A special wine for the special occasion. Very youthful and primary but this didn’t shut down instead, blossomed for the night. Super aromatic floral nose that soar from the glass along with elegant core of ripe fruits with hint of almond nut, wood spice that added more depth and complexity. First sip, a big WOW! Layer and layer of super ripe yellow fruits, perfume floral flavor that completely fill the mouth and all supported firmly the huge round mineral flavor give the sense of elegance to the wine. The mid palate intensity is awesome but remain feather light thanks to the fresh, ripe acidity that provide super focus and precision. Gorgeously texture and the complex, clean finish last over a minute. A benchmark Auslese for me. Buy – YES!
  • Day 2. The wine is getting more intensity but still remain light on its feet, rounder and polished with tons of finesse and complexity that is so seductive and in total harmony. This is an epitome of Auslese, copy from my friend: all Auslese should taste like this! Buy – Yes!
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4 Responses to When Egon Muller meets Pierre Herme (20101101)

  1. JT says:

    Normally when French meets German there can only be trouble! Haha… Btw did Yoshida-San get a taste of the Auslese?

  2. Qianzi says:

    Best wine that I ever had..:)
    Surprisingly, the wine match perfectly with the macaron cake… Yummy yummy.

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