Dinner @ Le Chasseur with 09 German Riesling (20101122)

Buddy called for dinner on Monday to explore 2009 German Riesling to check on how is the vintage performance as well as to stock up some 09, or not.

Monday, a simple dinner will do. Thus he suggested a restaurant for clay port chicken rice and some local dishes which wont break the bank. When I asked about the name of the restaurant, I was given Le Chasseur and my partner was like: Huh???!!! Claypot Chicken rice at such high class place? Is that a French Restaurant??!!

Thus, I went on and check out the place on website and found out this is just a normal Chinese restaurant that served local dishes and is well-known for their signature Claypot Chicken Rice, BBQ Live Sea Prawn etc….

Le Chasseur is located opposite of The Central @ Clark Quay and just across the overhead bridge in front of The Central and facing New Bridge Road. It was a simple 4pax dinner with German Riesling, however, the planned was changed as we met some friends who happened to dine in the same restaurant with their Italian guests. Thus, a simple German dinner end up with some real interesting Italian Wines.


Claypot Chicken Rice (炭烧砂煲鸡饭)

  • Basmati rice is used instead of the traditional rice. Thus the texture of the rice is more solid and is nicely charred. Very flavorful. Must try.

BBQ Live Sea Prawn

  • Fresh, juicy Prawn with good smoked aromas. Good stuff.

Deep sea fish soup with vermicelli

  • This fish has the silkiest, tender meat that I have never come across! The soup is very sweet, the only problem is the fish also has the softest bone, and loads of it. Really challenging to eat the fish.

We also ordered some other dishes but like bitter guardwith salted eggs, black fungus (served chilled, soft and sweet) and Tao Suan as dessert. We enjoyed the food there as well as the warm service of the chef. Most importantly, the price is affordable.


  1. 2009 Riesling – Balance! is what we found on 09 Riesling (need to try more!). Perfect balance of the sweetness and ripe, mouth watering acidity. Riesling from Nahe is showing well after some aeration while Riesling from Mosel is much tighter and less expressive, but also have more structure. If you going to open any 09 Riesling, especially from top producer, pop at least 2days before serving.
  2. A truly stunning dessert wine 2007 Estasi Moscato di Trani Passito was served and according to the owner, this bottle is impossible to get outside of Italy. WOTN for everyone at the table.

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2008 Broglia Gavi Gavi di Gavi Bruno Broglia (Italy, Piedmont, Gavi)

  • Alcohol :: 12.5%
    Didn’t have much experience with Gavi, but this one is good. Dry sherry kind of aromas with sea shell, mineral, smoke, with bold vanillin oak tones. Good freshness, creamy mouth feel and soft texture. This is quite structure for a Gavi with lively acidity and mineral that end with slight oaky, medium length finish with orange peel bitterness aftertaste.

2009 Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Riesling Kabinett (Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer)

  • Alcohol :: 8.0%
    Open for 3days prior. Unmistakably a Mosel with the tell tale aromas of slate, mineral, sea breeze and touch of lemon, grapefruits with high tone yellow flower perfume. Expressive on the palate too, rich and concentrated with grapefruits, floral, mineral and some yellow fruits with crisp, long finish. Tons of minerality that is slight intrusive at this stage provide good structure and power while the refreshing, ripe acidity provide a sense of elegance and transparency to it. Very fresh, amazing balance with good depth, a superb Kabinett. Buy – Yes.

2009 Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Riesling Spätlese (Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer)

  • Alcohol :: 7.5%
    Open for 3days. This is less expressive but deeper and bolder that the Kabinett with it’s huge minerality, slate tone, grapefruits, red apple with yellow floral and riper yellow fruits. While this is clearly a step up to the Kabinett in term of complexity, it is also rounder, richer and riper with more substance and power but remain elegance with the acidity kick in at the back that support and provide a firm backbone to the flesh with razor like precision. The juicy, long finishing that end with mineral undertone and grapefruits. Again, the balance and freshness of 2009 is incredible. This is still painfully young and based on my previous experience with Willi’s wines, they need long long aging to really show. If you plan to pop this soon, I would suggest to open and breath in the bottle for at least 5days before serving. Buy – Yes.

2004 Domaine Georges Vernay Condrieu Les Chaillées de l’Enfer (France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, Condrieu)

  • My first Condrieu and accordingly to my friend, this is a modern day Condrieu. I have read some reviews about Condrieu and saying that Condrieu should drink young as the acidity will fall dramatically and lost it’s freshness with age resulted in a flabby wine. However, this is not exactly true with this bottle. Expressive, deep perfume floral nose with sweet honey fruits, peaches and apricot and added more dimension with almond nut, mineral . Still lively and fresh, very rich and powerful on the palate with flavor spectrum similar to the nose. There were passion fruits present with traces of vanilla oak. Well balance and creamy in texture, long finish with hint of alcohol heat appeared that slightly interrupt the overall drinking pleasure.

2005 Marchesi di Incisa della Rochetta Barbera d’Asti Superiore Sant’Emiliano(Italy, Piedmont, Asti, Barbera d’Asti Superiore)

  • Alcohol :: 15%
    The dark vibrant ruby wine display aromas of tar, red cherry, dark berry and floral with some alcohol heat that flow on to the palate with it’s sweet, concentrated darker fruits profile with flower and orange notes. This is fruity but well-balance by the good acidity leads to kinda straight forward, mineral with some alcohol heat finished. A food wine.

2001 Tommasi Crearo Conca d’Oro Veronese IGT (Italy, Veneto, Veronese IGT)

  • TCA dominate the nose that completely masked the aromas profile. The palate is pretty much affected by TCA too, but you can sense there were serious stuffing underneath, a well-balance wines with nice fruits and substance that fall a bit short on the finish. We all agreed that this is a pity else this would be a very good wine. Flaw.

2007 Estasi Moscato di Trani Passito (Italy, Puglia, Moscato di Trani)

  • Alcohol :: 14.5%
    Ok, here we come to the wine of the night, an overwhelming one. Deep bright golden. The perfume nose is captivating, I never come across with such fantastic aromatic profile before. Fragrance, super perfume nose of honey jasmine green tea, Osmanthus flower, rose petal and underlying spiciness along with sweet yellow fruits such as peaches and apricot. Sweet entry that is voluptuous, viscous, with super rich and concentrated honey yellow fruits, honey jasmine green tea with Osmanthus give the punch on the palate and when I thought this is just a normal thick, sweet wine, it quickly turn to dried, clean mouth feel with more flavors kick in – perfume floral, dried autumn leaves and nuttiness with clean, pure juicy persistent long finish. This is not a wine that wow you for the 1st sip instead, you have to taste it slowly to understand how complex, balance it is. A wine with harmonious and finesse – Zen wine. Buy – Yes.
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One Response to Dinner @ Le Chasseur with 09 German Riesling (20101122)

  1. The Eden says:

    One of the best Claypot rice in town!

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