2006 Bordeaux Masterclass (20101210)

Every year, Mr. CH’NG Poh Tiong (PT) will organize and host a Bordeaux Masterclass. In 2010, 2006 Vintage will be served in the masterclass.

Mr. PT is the publisher of The Wine Review, the oldest wine magazine in South East asia, since 1991 and the world first Bordeaux Annual guide in Chinese. He also a well-known tasting panel judger in wine competition such as Decanter award and a column writer for Decanter Magazine. In short, he plays a significantly role in Asia wine scene.

The 2006 Bordeaux Masterclass is very educational. It hosts by Mr. PT, a polite, soft spoking gentleman who has a great sense of humor, it is fun to just listen to Mr. PT speech. We tasted 9wines, and all related Chateau representatives also presented in this Masterclass, to speak and share about their wines!


The only white:

  • Very impressive effort with clean, complex profile with good intensity and everything wrap in a vibrant package. I like this a lot.

2006 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc (France, Bordeaux, Graves, Pessac-Léognan)

  • Alcohol :: 13.5%
    Very light gold. Fresh cut grass aromas intermixed with cold note, lemon, pear, quince and white flower with very light touch of almond nut and coconut oak. Quite expressive already with extremely good focus and freshness. The refreshing, intense palate show good balance and complexity with rich, slight oily entry quickly turn into very dry, clean with highly concentrated white and citrus fruits and spiciness that leads to fine, silky long finish with citrus fruits and huge mineral resonant at the background. Very clean with good mid palate depth. Still young with oak present but the started to integrated. There is no doubt the wine will gain better depth and complexity when the oak fully absorb by the vibrant ripe fruits. The wine hold itself firmly and getting more buttery, exotic ripe yellow fruits like pineapple notes at the end of the tasting but remain super focus and vibrant. I like this! A BUY!

The Red:

  • I have tasted a range of 2006 + today line up. In general, to me 2006 is a good vintage, soft in texture, med structure with good, generous fruits, soft tannin and lively acidity. Good balance too. Some wines already quite enjoyable and attrative while some are good, but definitely need some aging to really show. If the price is right, I’m gladly get some for drink and for my cellar.

2006 Domaine de Chevalier (France, Bordeaux, Graves, Pessac-Léognan)

  • Alcohol :: 13%
    Raspberry, lots of red cherry fruits with touch of blackberry, licorice, tar and smoke. Fine grained tannin, soft texture and slight austere. The underneath blackberry fruits trying to come out with earthiness that remain elegance by the soft, ripe acidity with slight bitter chocolate finish that emphasize the wood. Need time to integrate. This is quite fine but obviously not as good as the white.

2006 Château Petit Village (France, Bordeaux, Libournais, Pomerol)

-> Mr. Christian Seely commented that what they aim was to produce and express the terroir of what Petit Village is capable of, in every different vintage.

  • Alcohol :: 13%
    Quite reserve and tight on the nose with leathery, earthy, dark plum and blackberry fruits with acidity underneath. Hint of rubber too. Sweet entry with good underlying acidity, soft oak that hold firmly for the flesh that form by the fresh red cherry fruits, with leather and earthy tone. Soft tannin and texture that made this wine drinking beautifully even at this young stage with bitter chocolate, med length finish. A lively, slightly straightforward wine that is very perfume and attractive.

2006 Château Brane-Cantenac (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux)

-> Mr. Henri Lurton commented that the wine from Margaux is feminine, elegance with beautiful expression of the perfume profile. Indeed, his wine is perfume and well express of the Elegance from Margaux.

  • Alcohol :: 13%
    Beautiful nose, very elegance and perfume. Soft, perfume violet, sweet currant fruits and creme de cassis mingled with leather, roasted herb and all with good focus. Very soft, elegance on the medium intense palate with touch of oak, fine bright acid as well as soft, ripe tannin, slight austere with good grip that continue flow on to the medium length finish with soft touch of wood. Good balance, harmonious and rich but never come across heavy. Lack a bit of depth though, buy very good to drink even at this stage. Friendly wine. This might be kinda modern, but very Margaux feminine in style.

2006 Château Figeac (France, Bordeaux, Libournais, St. Émilion Grand Cru)

  • Alcohol :: 13.5%
    This is clearly a step up compare to previous wines. Ripe currant and plum fruits intermixed with lovely spicy nose and roasted herb, leathery, earthy. Deep and focus. Sweet entry, rich plummy and blackcurrant fruits, very generous and expressive in the mouth, with perfume floral tone, herbs and spices all framed nicely by the super fine silky tannin and lively acidity that deliver in a pure, clean and elegance package profile and flow on to the grippy, new oak and mineral, juicy finish. Very good, a relatively more complex than previous wine. Should evolve for the next 5yrs at least. Seductive.

2006 Château Montrose (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Estèphe)

-> Mr. Nicolas Glumineau commented they looking for the balance of soil and grape and the balance of richness, tannins, freshness and acidity.

  • Alcohol :: 12.5%
    By far the deepest nose so far, with powerful, deep earthy and minty tones with very rich sweet dark fruits and soil. Still rather tight but very promising. Med-full bodied, palate staining intensity , tannic but the powdery tannin is very fine. Though this is quite soft in texture, the mid palate is super rich and concentrated with lots of power, layer of dark fruits, new oak giving a good grip and all nicely balance by the good refreshing acidity and firm structure. Very classy, good depth and freshness, long juicy, focus finish. A very good showing.

2006 Château Léoville Poyferré (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Julien)

-> After tasted Poyferre, we all found a common point of today wine, balance and fresh without over-extracted. Mr. PT joined in the discussion and commented that when come to cooking, over-fried, over-cooked or over-toasted bread, we are more sensitive to it and will complain about it. Thus, he can’t understand why when come to highly extracted wines, many people will like it as wine should be remain balance, and not over-extracted. He also afraid to handle the heavy, superman like bottle as when the wine style is highly extracted, the bottle seems will getting bigger so much so that an empty bottle like this is still heavier than 2regular bottle of Bordeaux! Hehe…..

  • Alcohol :: 13%
    Deep mineral, roasted herb and coffee notes dominated the aromatic profile with good sense of elegance along with underlying minty, blackberry with smoke and new oak tones. Fresh! Was my first impression when I drank it. Same as the others wines in the line up, this too show austerity on the palate with new wood but has the best vibrancy and precision. Very rich but remain focus and precise, light on it’s feet with grippy acidity and soft, ripe silky tannin leads to mineral, coffee undertones long finish with spices n herb nuances. An excellent wine. This may not be a powerful wine like Montrose that give you a WOW, but it offer better transparency and harmonious. Really like it.

2006 Château Pichon-Longueville Baron (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac)

-> Mr. Christian Seely commented that Pichon Baron has very good terroir.  Low yield, deeply rooted old vines hence the term concentration in the vineyard. Powerful, intense but not over extracted with perfectly harmonious and balance is the result under such great terroir.

  • Alcohol :: 13%
    A very good Pauillac, definitely a very good Baron. The youthful purplish ruby boost strong, focus aromas of graphite, pencil leads, blackberry and blackcurrant intermixed with earthy, spices. While this is not as powerful as the Montrose, it has better structure and most importantly, a more complete wine with finesse and harmonious. Layer and layer of intense dark fruits, new wood, pencils leads with firm powdery tannin with lively acidity that remain the wine focus with good delineation that going on to the intense, detail finish. Very very good. This is my WOTD.

2006 Château Suduiraut (France, Bordeaux, Sauternais, Sauternes)

-> Mr. Christian Seely commented that Chateau Suduiraut having one of the greatest terroir in Sauternes, and just situated next door of the neighbor -> Chateau d’Yquem. He joke that he always mention about this but wondering why representative of Chateau d’Yquem never mention that! Haha.

Sauternes is the most romantic wine in the world.Every September, when the berry is fully ripe with good acidity level, they can’t harvest it as normal grape, instead, they wait, worry and wander around the vineyard for the Bortrytis Cinerea to happen (normally 5-6weeks after the normal harvest date). Bortrytis Cinerea is a necrotrophic fungus that affected the grapes by removed the water, and concentrated the sugar and fruits acid. This process is called -> Noble Rot. When the grapes having noble rot and used for wine making, the juice / wine is often extraordinary golden, pure essence of the grape.

  • Alcohol :: 14%
    After a set of young white and red Bordeaux, this is indeed a very good ending. Medium, bring golden color. Lots of Bortrytis spices with almond, pineapple, mango, dried apricot, peaches with underlying preserve plum and mineral. Lovely. Viscous, very rich, oily in texture but this turn into clean dry mouth feel when the ripe, lively acidity kick in and penetrate into the super rich, oily texture for good vibrancy and focus with a juicy finish that’s long and complex with some rubbery, nutty tones.


At the end, Mr. Nicolas Gluminea from Chateau Montrose mentioned that 2010 Vintage is another potentially, legendary vintage! Look out!

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  1. EW says:

    Now every vintage is legendary…..pls tell me something I don’t noe.

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