Last min Dinner @ Wo Peng Restaurant (20101228)

Was really last min that I joined the dinner. I have been in Wo Peng once and left with good memory as their food is certainly good, but reasonably price, the service is prompt but tonight was perfect, a young waitress is very attentive and friendly. All in all, another casual night of mine became special, with buddies, excellent wine and delicious food.


N.V. Bellavista Franciacorta Cuvée Brut (Italy, Lombardia, Franciacorta)

This was featured in the comic 神之雫 /《神之水滴》and my friend quote me this (no way for me to describe like this :p)



  • Alcohol :: 12.5%
    Small scale, but very focus aromas display white flower, citrus, yeasty notes and the yeastiness become more dominant with some aeration. This medium bodied sparkle deliver fresh, easy profile that carry out by the gentle moose, slightly sweet honey citrus fruits hit on the palate and quickly turn to very dry, and good persistent finish with mineral and bitter aftertaste. The acidity is quite sharp at first but then turn to rounder. Refreshing, so far the best Spumante I have had.

The Duo 09 GG ::

2009, a great vintage in Germany and I can see why though I have not tasted many of the 2009 German Riesling, be it dry / off-dry, the balance is extraordinary with great freshness, healthy pure fruits, mineral and dry extract that hard not to be something memorable.

2009 Wagner-Stempel Siefersheimer Heerkretz Riesling Großes Gewächs (Germany, Rheinhessen)

  • Alcohol :: 13%
    This has just landed on the shore for few days! This too has rose syrup, but less broading and wide with mango, peaches, earth and mineral background. The intense palate is less polished, with bitter and spicy elements that dominated the flavor profile now with the fruits hide underneath the structure as well as long, bitter finish with touch of alcohol heat. Good weight but have a little touch of lightness to it medium. alcohol heat. This clearly need sometime to settle down in the cellar and should be improved after that.

2009 Schloss Lieser Niederberg Helden Riesling Großes Gewächs (Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer)

  • Alcohol :: 13%
    While this is not as complex as the BJS GG, this is more perfume and sweeter on the nose that generated by high tone red flower perfume, rose syrup, sweet peaches, red apple and earth. Very fragrance. With time, the perfume floral and rose syrup evolved into Indian Incense (the fragrance in barber shop). Painfully young still, quite sweet with touch of metallic, iron flavor with good depth, round chalkiness, long persistent finish that’s quite elegance and polished. The presence of the mineral is quite harsh at the moment, not sure it will round up with time in the bottle.

1996 Domaine Leroy Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru Les Beaux Monts (France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru)

  • Alcohol :: 13%
    Quite shy on the nose, I got tea leaves, soy sauce, earth with touch of chalkiness, rustiness and dried fig sweetness that delivered medium scale in aromatic profile as well as on the palate that is fresh, rich, with Umami sappiness, dried tea leaves bitterness and soy sauce all supported firmly by grippy tannin that’s remain unevolved, with long mineral finish, very good 1er Cru and would be top 1er cru if this has a little bit more of depth and complexity. The flavor profile is keep changing, evolving and getting more interested but not really gain in weight and depth.

1990 Louis Jadot Clos Vougeot (France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Clos Vougeot Grand Cru)

  • Alcohol :: 13.5%
    Brick red with slightly darker core. Healthy, focus aromas of sweet cherry and berry, dried tea leaves, earth with touch of bitterness and rusticity and this too show on the palate, slight rustic, rough edge with heavy spiciness as well as tea leaves dryness that flow on with grand Cru weight, palate staining, mouth coating tannin and mineral finish with superb length. a Grand Cru indeed though not really refine and polished, but still, very good.

2006 Les Forts de Latour (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac)

My very first Les Forts. Often, I heard the praise of Les Forts that it is the best 1st growth 2nd wines and while I have yet tasted Carruades to prove that statement, Les Forts is clearly a 3rd growth in quality, and from the 2006 that I have tasted, only Montrose and Pichon Baron can match up with the richness, structure and class that Les Forts could offer.

  • Alcohol :: 13%
    Opaque ruby with purplish hue. Dark, milk chocolate intermixed with graphite, pencils leads, creme de cassis, perfume violet with hint of alcohol that all tightly wrapped by smoky oak. Deep, broad and still very tight. Good richness and concentrated of creme de casis, roasted herb, with medium level fine tannin and oak that resulted in very dried and austere mouth feel that coat the mouth and palate, but well-balance by underlying acidity and sweetness that provide freshness to the wine and keep the wine in shape, mineral, graphite and smoky finish that’s quite power and persistent, with milk and dark chocolate, grounded coffee bean and touch of alcoholic heats. Very good 2nd wine, in fact, much better than some of the grand vin of classify growth. Need time, 5-7yrs?

The Duo Auslese GK from Donnhoff ::

Donnhoff, need no introduction as all German Riesling lover will surely know this. My all time favorite after Egon Muller. The Kupfergrube is kinda rare in our group as we are fancy with their Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle / Oberhäuser Brücke. While the Norheimer Dellchen is also a great plot for Donnhoff,  we know that our focus is not wide enough to cover others plot such as Kupfergrube, which is clearly a superior wine against the Dellchen tonight.

2006 Dönnhoff Schloßböckelheimer Kupfergrube Riesling Auslese “Goldkapsel” (Germany, Nahe)

  • Alcohol :: 8%
    Ar har, I like this! This is very tight and shy compare to the Dellchen. Huge mineral backbone with underlying lightly honey coated tropical fruits. However, what really strike me was the palate, superb balance, razor sharp focus and precision, clean and elegance, sweet but excellent acidity and dry extract the keep the wine in focus and while this is also very rich, you sense the lightness in it when the acidity kick in at the finish along with persistent finish that offer raisin, honey and mineral aftertaste. This is clearly mineral driven with great great vibrancy. I would love to have some in my cellar.

2006 Dönnhoff Norheimer Dellchen Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel (Germany, Nahe)

  • Alcohol :: 8%
    This is highly expressive for the night with tons of honey coated tropical fruits like mango, light touch of kerosene and Bortrytis notes that supported by the fresh mineral. Very sweet entry, superb rich honey fruits that came across with flabby, and fleshy as this clearly lack of the amount of acidity and dry extract to provide a firm structure to the fruits. However, this is still a good wines in its own way, very showy then turn to clean, good focus, detail finish with peaches.

1961 Talijancich Julian James Reserve (Australia, Western Australia, Greater Perth, Swan Valley)

Australia indeed a country that produced one of the best fortified wines in the world, and all this gem remained undiscovered by the journalist / critics or so…. Many of the fortified using Solera system and some of the juice was dated back to 50yrs or even older. Give it a try if you happened to visit Swan Valley / Margaret River @ Perth or Rutherglen @ Victoria.

  • Alcohol :: 18%
    Motor oil in color that boost elegance aromas of Xmas cake, toffee, caramelize fruits that is very deep, very exotic but very elegance. Viscous on the palate as you would expect from such richness and concentrated wine, but never came across heavy and instead, everything is in balance and remain excellent vibrancy, transparency and elegance, it is impossible to feel the 18% alcohol heat. Layer and layer of spiciness and sweetness with dried raisin, fig and tons of raw honey then supersede and buffer by the excellent level of dry extract, earthiness and fresh acidity. Superb persistent finish with toffee after taste. The balance and sense of elegance here is impeccable. One of the best fortified I have ever had. What a BUY! Our WOTN.
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2 Responses to Last min Dinner @ Wo Peng Restaurant (20101228)

  1. I wanna try Kupfergrube and the 1961, what an antique! Good B&W effect too!

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