1st post in 2011 – One and a half (20100116)

Happy New year! The blog remain hibernating since my last post, am I not drinking since 2011? Hell not! In fact, I have had few drinking session, dinner etc etc and I have no time to do any posting at all due to busy works. When I looked at my accumulated backlogs of TNs…. s**t! I gotta do something!

I was drafting summary for 2010, and glad to know that I have drank a fair bit of memorable wines and that’s actually demand more time to complete the post, ZzzzZzzzZzzzz =.= . Thus, I have chosen the simplest session, One and a Half as my 1st post in 2011. Hehehehe….

I was out of the city and appreciated my friend who brought the remaining wines for me to taste when I returned 🙂

2001 Faiveley Mazis-Chambertin (France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Mazis-Chambertin Grand Cru)

-> A Mazis Grand Cru from Faiveley, 10yrs of age and I was expected this to be a backward, powerful and structure which always the common case for pre-2006 Leflaive wine, however, this wasn’t and in fact, approachable and wan’t deliver what’s the status of the wine.

For my previous review of Faiveley’s wines, please refer to here Faiveley Masterclass

  • Alcohol :: 13.5%
    From a 375ml bottle, opened for 3hours. The wine was started to fade as hint of VA presence in the perfume nose that is expressive and quite elegance but still possessed of Gevrey wildness with the game, wet fur tones, black cherry as well as earthiness and touch of rustic edge. Surprisingly approachable for a Grand Cru, especially from Faiveley, this medium bodied wine offer good freshness, soft texture with relatively high acidity that keep the wine in precise, with game, earth, mushroom and black cherry and berry fruits that wrapped in a slight edgy, rustic package with powdery like tannin. Finish is soft, persistent with dried herbs aftertaste. Though this doesn’t has the weight and quality of a Grand Cru, this is drinking very well now and respect to the Terroir.

2006 Château La Croix St. Georges (France, Bordeaux, Libournais, Pomerol)

This Chateau is located just next to Chateau Le Pin (one of the best and most expensive wine from Pomerol, Bordeaux). A well-made wine that is very approachable and quite singing for the night.

  • Alcohol :: 13.5%
    Double decanted for 3hours. Dark vibrant ruby. The jammy, sweet blueberry aromas kinda link me to western Australia Cab blend, along with floral, new saddle leather, plum and earth, not really expressive. The palate is unmistakably a Bordeaux right bank as this doesn’t has the tannic, structure profile of a left bank. Medium bodied, fresh palate with lots of rich, generous sweet dark fruits, coffee flavors with good integration of new oak. Similar to a lots of 2006, this too has soft, subtle, friendly texture, silky tannin, juicy long finished with blackberry, leathery, earthy, dark chocolate bitterness aftertaste with evidence of austerity. A very well-made, polished wine that offer medium level of complexity and shows very well today, but will definitely benefit with additional bottle age.
  • Alcohol :: 13.5%
    Day 2. The wine is fully unfold and open for business. Less jammy on the nose with new saddle leather, earth with a core of sweet blackcurrant and plum. Quite classic and seductive that bring on to the intense, juicy mid palate that offer generous rich dark fruits, dark chocolate, coffee flavors all supported by firm structure, fine silky tannins that leads to firm, juicy long finish with touch of alcohol heat. I kinda like the austerity presence at the finish along with coffee, dark chocolate and earthy flavors. Very well-made though lack of some depth.
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2 Responses to 1st post in 2011 – One and a half (20100116)

  1. seizemymoment says:

    Mr. Y and Mr. T r really nice! BTW, I thought u r detoxing now? 😀

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