Chateau Fuisse – The hidden Gem

Historically the Chateau Fuisse estate covered more than 70 Ha before it was divided through heritage between Jean-Jacques and his two sisters in 1970. Under the Vincent selection label the grapes from these family properties are sourced to produce wines of admirable quality, flexible quantities and at, most importantly, reasonably prices. They function both as appealing and approachable wines for early consumption, and as a introduction tho the Chateay Fuisse realm of great wines.

After the Vincent labels, we head to the Chateau Fuisse, the real hidden gem. Chateau Fuisse is located in the heart of the Puilly-Fuisse vineyards of Maconnais, Southern Burgundy, France. The Vincent family (owners of the estate since 1862), produce wines of exceptional quality, thanks to the estate’s privileged and outstanding properties. Currently managed by 5th generation wine maker Antoine Vincent, it perpetuates traditional wine making with carefully applied modern technology. With an integrated viticulture, special care is given to the soil and vines optimizing the concentration and maturation of the hand-picked grapes. Whole bunch pressing is applied followed by an individualized vinification in accordance to the age of the vines and type of soil.

Philosophy: “Terroir expression and the optimization of its qualities”, our focus is on vineyard character and the balance between natural ripeness, concentration and mineral freshness showing the identity and character of our great White Burgundy wines.”

Above note is quoted from the introductory note from the tasting. I have to be frank that I never heard of this ancient Chateau with such great history background. While I didn’t taste enough to say this is the best from the region, but it has to be one of the very best. I was impressed by how well is the quality, enormous drinking pleasure, classy profile and all of these only demand for a price that much lesser than the more well-known region. I will definitely gladly get some of these as this goes well with the hot weather in Singapore. Refreshing!

I’m planning to do a horizontal of Chateau Fuisse with the Tete de Cru, three single vineyards – Les Combettes, Le Clos and Les Brules (which i have only tried the Les Brules) and of course, the Cuvee “Vieilles Vignes”.


2009 Château de Fuisse Pouilly-Fuissé Cuvée Marie-Antoinette Vincent (France, Burgundy, Mâconnais, Pouilly-Fuissé)

Quote: Young vines from Chateau-Fuisse and grapes sourced from family-properties offer body and generous fruit together with refreshing acidity and mineral undertones. Partially vinified in oak barrels to make a delicious, well balanced Pouilly-Fuisse.

  • Very light yellow in color that display ripe yellow fruits like pineapple, with spices and mineral. Creamy mouth feel, clean grassy and fresh herbish note, some ripe white fruits and clean acidity given freshness to the wine. While this is quite palatable, the oak has yet fully integrated into the wine with good intensity, decent clean finish with mineral, iron undertones. A very good, decent Village.

2008 Château de Fuisse Pouilly-Fuissé Tête de Cru (France, Burgundy, Mâconnais, Pouilly-Fuissé)

Quote: The Pouilly-Fuisse “Tete de Cru” is a complex assemblage of 20 vineyards with different soil character with an average age of 30yrs old vines. The plots are vinified seperately and progressively brought together to compose a Pouilly-Fuisse that is among the most complete, its “Tete de Cru” or “Top of the Growth”

  • First sniff, very cold! Tons of cold mineral notes with herb, orchard fruits with spicy oak, tight but show good underlying material that clearly need more aging. Refreshing, crisp on the palate with cold white fruits, mineral and touch of oak, slightly simple. Juicy, vibrant and fresh finish. Give it 3yrs and it would be improved.

2008 Château de Fuisse Pouilly-Fuissé Les Brûles (France, Burgundy, Mâconnais, Pouilly-Fuissé)

Quote: Some plots with specific and fascinating qualities are bottled as single vineyards or Cru wines. Limited in volume and distinctive in their expression, Les Combettes, Le Clos and Les Brules (All three are monopoles). Les Combettes produces pure, mineral wines of delicacy. Les Brûlés, close to the village of Fuissé, with a mainly clay soil mixed with limestone, produces a wine of muscular power. Le Clos is a monopole, enclosed by a stone wall, and lies right next to the château, with a more equal balance of limestone and clay, giving structured, rich, deeply flavoured wine.

  • Classy aromas that is focus and precise, deep and quite expressive already. Powerful with oak, herb, mineral that is round and ripe accompany with perfume floral, honey comb. A small scale of Batard Montrachet! The round, intense palate show good class too, fresh, good depth and the oak kick in afterward to extend the overall flavor spectrum with long, complex finish that is very spicy with light bitter lemon peel aftertaste. This powerful, showy wine show good vibrancy and complexity. Very good and I really like the character of this wine. Highly recommended.

2008 Château de Fuisse Pouilly-Fuissé Vieilles Vignes (France, Burgundy, Mâconnais, Pouilly-Fuissé)

Quote: Cuvee “Vieilles Vignes” blend from vines aged from 40 to 60 years old. An extra dimension is given when Vieilles Vignes” or “old vines” offer the ultimate expression of the Chateau Fuisse estate. Full bodied and concentrated, yet fine and elegant, this wine is intended to sleep quietly for years before revealing its profound and dramatic richness, to then reward the patient few.

  • Med yellow in color. Compare to the showy Brules, this is a calm, quiet wine that slowly express itself and once the expression accumulated, WOW! Very nice, tight with touch of mineral, spice with underlying sweet yellow fruits and floral trying to surface. Tight on the palate too, show good depth and complexity, with clean and vibrant profile that highlighted by vanilla, slight creamy mouth feel, elegance texture and turn to crisp, clean precise finish that is long and linger with lots of green herbs and citrus. Stylish and harmonious. Excellent. This is a BUY!
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