2006 Domaine Dujac Clos St Denis

2006 Domaine Dujac Clos St. Denis (France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Clos St. Denis Grand Cru)

A dinner, 4buddies and consider my very first time to have only 1 wine in such dinner. As such, I’m able to observe every detail of how was the wine changed over the dinner, i.e. when was the tannin kick in, how was the palate gaining in weight and depth, connection between mid palate and finishing etc etc…. and thanks to the suggestion from my friend, I pull the corked 7hrs before the dinner, and this definitely help!

Right after opened. Beautiful aromas of fresh strawberry, blueberry, raspberry intermixed with red and blue floral scents, touch of earth soar from the bottle along with hint of blue cheese too. Promising.

3hrs later: Aromas of sweet dark fruits: blackberry and black cherry evolved with spices, smoke and toast. Thisty!

6hrs later: The complex aromas became rounder, more refine and even more seductive with the all the sweet dark fruits, floral, spices and earth.

First pour after opened for 7hrs, served blind. Lovely bright ruby red. Aromas wasn’t show as good as from the bottle, hardly emerged. Refine palate, lots of pure, elegance sweet dark fruits on the entry and mid palate but the finishing is somewhat disjointed and dropped off. At this stage, my friends guessed it was a very good village (lack of finished) from a good maker (fine palate, purity and cleanliness), be it Rousseau / Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin 2006 and changed from 2006 to 2005 when the sweet dark fruits surface.

Decided to decant 1/2 bot and continue to pour from the remaining 1/2 from the bottle after having our very first sip.

The wine is slowly emerging and evolving thru out the night, slow comer I would say. In the middle of the dinner: At first, the aromas evolved into alluring spices with perfume rose petal and violet which laced on a boatload of lush, sweet dark cherry fruits. Palate is opening up with better weight, depth and complexity which all framed in a super elegance, refine package that flow on to the, still, a little disjointed finish which seems starting to connect to the mid palate resulted in a longer finishing with better persistent. About to finish the 1/2 from the bottle and the wine just kept getting better and pulled itself together. The super fine tannin started to kick in here resulted in a weightier, almost mouth coating intensity. My friends changed their thought and guessed this was a very good Vosne Romanee 1er Cru, such as Beaumonts based on the floral, spices in flavor with outstanding purity and cleanliness which he said Beaumonts is more refine than a Suchots (a bit rustic).

At the end of the dinner, the wine in the decanter was showed even better than the 1/2 from the bottle, almost showing it’s full force. At this stage, we have narrowed down that this wine was not from either Gevrey or Vosne, and my friends guessed it was a 2006 Domaine Dujac Clos St Denis, spot on!

Highly complex nose, wide spectrum of aromatic profile that display sweet dark fruits, seductive floral scents intermixed with coffee, licorice, spices and inner core of lightly caramelize tones with sense of animal wildness and the refinement, class in it was stunning. The elegance, intensely rich palate show great freshness, purity, class, vigor and drive that is almost seamless at this stage, with clearly Grand Cru depth, long, detail, persistent finish over the deep complex flavor profile that’s linger effortlessly with spices, lush dark fruits aftertaste. Not showy, I would say tranquility that is best for you and your buddies over a quiet meal.

It is still young for sure, but we managed to do our preparation to let it opened up for at least 85% (or grew itself from an infant to a teenage) and we had a superb night. Cheers buddies!




开瓶七小时,第一杯:明亮透彻的红宝石色。香气并没有之前在瓶口的那么好,有点散乱。纤细的口感,入口和中段有纯净,甜美优雅的黑色果实,但收尾和中段的连贯性泛泛,缺乏了那特级田应有的悠长余韵。友人猜这是来自很好的酿造者(纯净,纤细度)的村庄级(较弱的尾韵),2006年的Gevrey Chambertin. 随着那甜美的黑色果实的浮现,友人认为这是2005年的。

第一杯过后,我决定把半瓶导入醒酒器,剩下的半瓶继续慢慢喝。这是一瓶超慢热的酒,它那超慢的进化过程,少一点耐心都不行!香气逐渐集中,演化:诱人的香料和玫瑰花瓣,紫罗兰的香气,甜美的黑樱桃果实,不错!纤细的单宁开始介入,口感变得更为浓郁,有深度,复杂度。虽然中段和结尾的连贯性尚不完美,但已经比之前来得好,余韵也更为悠长,持久。这时友人认为这是来自Vosne Romanee的一级田,可能是BeauMonts, 友人也觉得可能是Suchots,但考虑到整体的纤细度,BeauMonts的可能性比较大。

晚餐接近尾声,也是今晚的最高潮,因为在醒酒器里的Clos St-Denis,已经差不多接近完全开放的程度,虽然不是100%,但只有5岁的Clos St-Denis能有这样的呈现已经是非常精彩!友人也在这时候作出最后的猜测,就是2006 Domaine Dujac 的特级田Clos St-Denis, 一语中的!



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