2002 Chateau Musar

My friend who read a lot about Chateau Musar and really curious to try so he acquired a 2002 Chateau Musar (which claimed to be the best vintage so far in 2000s). Note: Chateau Musar took 7yrs in the cellar before release, hence the latest available vintage in the market is 2003.

For more info, please see here -> Chateau Musar

2002 Chateau Musar (Lebanon, Bekaa Valley)

  • Pop and poured, the nose is surprisingly expressive with red cherry, strawberry aromas, just like a Pinot, but there was this barnyard at the background that told us this is not a Pinot. Palate is simple, lack of weight and complexity, but it is pure, elegance. My friend wasn’t impress by the wine, he wasn’t like it and commented this doesn’t worth the bucks. Based on my only experience with a 41yrs old Chateau Musar, vintage 1969, which was still drinking well with a little bit of tannin presence. I told my friend that I believed the 2002 is not ready and will be better with some aeration.

    We decided to decant the wine and drank it slowly. With time, sweet ripe dark fruits emerged, with raspberry, plum, dried fig paste, leather and earth that lead us to Grenache, very interesting. The flavors on the palate reflected to the nose and gaining weight, depth with better finishing, linger with juicy sweet dark fruits!

    Another 1.5 – 2hrs in decanter, the wine continued to evolve and hey, at this stage, it was drop dead delicious, not high class and most complex, but it was simply delicious. We can’t stop drinking of it! Aromas of blackcurrant, blackberry, plum, leather and spices emerged with moderate complexity on the intense palate, sweet dark fruits but it was bright with transparency to it, tannin was silky and well integrated, harmonious. Sappy, juicy sweet long finish with good persistency. A wine with soul, lots of character and it just keep on changing, every time we sniffed and sipped, we are like having different wines. A really warmth companion to the quiet night, I like this. A buy.

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One Response to 2002 Chateau Musar

  1. suckandspit says:

    I cracked the ’02 for a Musar tasting at the end of last year. Decanted it for 9hrs! Sold about 6 cases in less than 3 hours at $45 each. People were passing up the the ’04 Hochar Pere et Fils and the Jeune Rouge. ’02 is an unreal wine and people just need to know that it needs time and it will blow your mind!

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