Jacque Selosse V.O & 1986 Pichon Lalande (20110401)

Lunch with Justin at Les Amis and as usual, I prepared two wines for the lunch. This round is slightly different as I have chosen a Champagne to start off the lunch. I have had Jacque Selosse Initial some  time ago was quite blown away by this so-called ENTRY level of the house which the quality is…. equivalent or better than vintage Champagne from some famous producer.

Not surprised that the Cuvee V.O. is a even better wine, be it intensity, harmony and especially the better sense of finesse and class. A friend of mind who has much more experience in Champagne commented that this Champagne is worth the price tag, not a wine to be missed, try it at least for once. The 1986 Pichon Lalande is quite tight and shy when popped, but started to unwind after 60mins in the decanter, a lovely wine and I prefer this to the 1986 Gruaud Larose that I had not long ago.

Tasting Notes:

N.V. Jacques Selosse Champagne Version Originale – France, Champagne

  • Alcohol :: 12%
    Degorged at April-2010. Medium golden. Expressive on the nose, with focus aromas of green apple, passion fruits with light oxidative in character and touch of yeastiness, still very tight. The palate is showing better though, superb fine bubble, like my guest said, MICRO bubbly. At first the bubble is persistent but lack a little bit of vigor, with time, the bubble just get more and more vigorous, but this never come across sharp nor too powerful as the bubble is so fine that gently glide through that caressing your palate with good freshness that moved on to the very smooth mouth feel with flavors of yeastiness, green apple, passion fruits, slight honey coated yellow fruits, mineral that culminated into long, persistence intense finish. Very elegance. Buy – Yes.

1986 Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande – France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac

  • Alcohol :: 12.5%
    Decanted for 1.5hrs. Deep garnet core with light hue, still kinda shy on both nose and palate but show good class and depth. Toward the dinner, the wine gain better even better depth. Incredibly lovely bouquet soared from the glass with cedar, graphite intermixed with perfume violet, sweet cigar box along with elegance aromas of blackberry and creme de cassis complete with touch of savoury meatiness, very classy. Medium bodied, this is a silent killer, never shout or noisy, almost fully mature, a classic Pauillac with cut and precision, layer of blackcurrant, sweet tobacco and cigar accompany by this elegance cedar and earth that all perfectly balance and support by the blackberry like, mouth watering acidity with super depth and sense of finesse. There was this fresh and ripe tannin kick in at the back which provide the grip and added a even more weight and power to the already impressive mid palate depth. All about harmonious and finesse here and the silky smooth, fresh complex juicy finish just getting better and better with time with dark plum, cedar and mineral nuanced that’s linger seamlessly. Terrific. I believe another 3-5yrs we will see a fully mature and integrated wine. Buy – Yes.
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4 Responses to Jacque Selosse V.O & 1986 Pichon Lalande (20110401)

  1. J-Sern says:


    Sorry couldn’t yet make it down to SG during the last couple of weeks, trust that you enjoyed your B-Day wines all the way ! I was away again and likewise with Lok for this whole week.

    Interesting bit on the 86 Pichon Lalande, from your description it still seems quite youthful approaching its peak. I intend to open the 85 of its close Baron neighbour soon, just want to make sure that decanting won’t kill it in anyway, as they’re both past it’s mid 20s age.

    I reckon it’ll be drinking at it’s peak with a little decanting, 85 after all is a stellar vintage for Bordeaux.

    Cheers, J-Sern

    • Dave Chan says:

      Hi Bro,

      I’m not so sure about the 85 Baron, suggest to pop and pour will be sufficient and you may decant it if the wine is not ready? Just in case over-decant….


  2. J-Sern says:

    Let you know how it goes man.

    Where’s the post on our last Jap session with the Rhones ? 🙂


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