2011 Casual Session – 5 @ Hachi-Tei (20110429)

Great to meet up with buddy for the boring Friday, nothing special, just a simple dinner with wines and chit chatting…. but feel warmth and satisfied….

Hachi-Tei, a small, but very warmth and friendly service (maybe they knew my friend well). Food is average or maybe slightly above average, but enjoyable.

2008 Château de Fuisse Pouilly-Fuissé Le Clos – France, Burgundy, Mâconnais, Pouilly-Fuissé

-> People might said: what is this? Pouilly Fuisse? Same as Pouilly Fume? Nonono, they’re different, the former is Maconnais, Burgundy while the latter is from Loire. A appellation that often forgotten but produced serious wine that is highly QPR.

  • Alcohol :: 13.5%
    Light gold. The nose is somewhat unyielding with mainly stone fruits and mineral that wrapped tightly by oak. There was alcohol present at the end for the first sip, but it was disappeared in 2nd sip. Structure, power with strong acidic backbone that came across one-dimensional with medium length finish with mineral aftertaste. The wine has slowly opened up himself, with focus aromas of white flower, white fruits, grapefruits and citrus flavor along with deep mineral background. The oak has integrated, though not fully, resulted in almost creamy mouth feel, with the refreshing, high acidity giving a cut to it. The flavors have expanded on the richly white fruits coated palate, though not multi-dimensional, but obviously offer better complexity and flavorful, juicy crisp finish that linger with citrus, grapefruits and mineral. Well worth the buck and certainly will improve with additional bottle age. A buy.

N.V. Yveline Prat Champagne Vieilli en Fût de Chêne – France, Champagne

-〉Champagne, still remained un-discovered except the bigger, celebrities like houses: Krug, Dom Perignon etc etc, that being said, lots of gems pending for the passionate to explore. This is one of them.

  • Alcohol :: 12%
    Light gold. Initially the bubble was quite big in Champagne standard, after sitting in the glass awhile, the bubble became fine and vigor which bring out the delicate aromas of perfume, sweet red cherry fruits, red floral with touch of yeast and caramel, not highly complex, but simply fragrance from the beginning till the end. Intense, smooth palate with flavors toward the sweet side, which we believed the dosage is quite high and perhaps this is the style of this grower, a crowd pleaser. With time, the sweetness has settled down with acidity surfaced that give it a better balance and focus and tension which leads to really juicy, delicate finished. We enjoyed this very much. A buy.
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