1996 Dujac CDLR & 1975 Trotanoy (20110519)

I knew what’s wines to be served in the dinner and I really can’t wait for it to open!

Dujac, one of the top maker in Morey St-Denis, is famous for his Clos St-Denis Grand Cru (CSD) & Clos de la Roche (CDLR) Grand Cru (although recently his other Grand Crus: Chambertin, Romanee St-Vivant, Bonne Mares etc also gained enormous attention in the wine world and become the flagship wines in Dujac’s Portfolio alongside with CSD & CDLR. I have had great experience with Dujac 2006 CSD & wanted to try their CDLR for comparison to the CSD, so today is the day! However, the 1996 CDLR is an off bottle…… pity….

I love Trotanoy (who doens’t?), especially after his legendary 1982 & 1998 and yet today, I have the chance to witness and drink another legendary vintage, 1975, I believe you could understand how exciting I was! Indeed, the 1975 is the best Trotanoy I ever had, this classic claret showed beautifully today, simply stunning. It started a bit weak, but slowly built in the mouth and showed its full force at the middle of the dinner and continue to hold itself till the end, such energy and liveliness for a 36yrs old wine, this is a wine that reminded me why I love aged Bordeaux.

1996 Domaine Dujac Clos de la Roche – France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Clos de la Roche Grand Cru

  • Medium ruby red that is milky, dangerous sign. A lots of muskiness on the nose with no sign of fruits. Palate wise, it was dominated by volatile acidity, earthy and musky tone with weird taste, lack of tension and freshness too. This didn’t get better in the glass. Flaw.

1975 Château Trotanoy – France, Bordeaux, Libournais, Pomerol

  • Alcohol :: NA
    Lively garnet core with brick rim. The aromas was soft, but deeply focus. Toward the end of the dinner, the aromas evolved into highly complex, huge depth with its seductive Asian spices, flora, old saddle leather, earth, autumn tea leaves along with sweet pure dark plum and dried fig. Absolutely captivating. Palate wise, it was similar to the nose that is quite lean, soft with sweet fruits, not really complex and finished with medium length. With time, this lovely, poise, sexy lady started to pull herself together, showing great harmonious, complexity and depth. Sophisticated. So velvet, so fresh with really complex flavors that’s is hard to dissect that coated the palate along with a touch of super silky tannin for a better depth and mouth feel and the finish just wont let go with mineral, dried tea leaves after taste. The wine hold herself very well till the end of the dinner with no sign of tired. This is a top class Pomerol. Buy – Yes.
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