2009 Domaine G. Roumier / Christophe Roumier Morey St. Denis 1er Cru Clos de La Bussière

We don’t make Pinot Noir, we make wines from terroir which expresses itself through Pinot Noir

2009 Domaine Georges Roumier MSD Clos de la Bussiere 1er Cru

Chambolle Musigny probably produces the most seductive, elegant wines in Burgundy and Domaine Georges Roumier is no doubt the most reliable / best producer here. Currently run by the talented, dynamic Christopher Roumier, there is no systematic and predetermined formula here as every growing season / vineyards are different. Christopher manages his vineyard as close to organic as possible and he is looking closely on bio-dynamic viticulture too.

The grapes are harvested by hand with strict selection of fruits to ensure only the best grapes to go into the wines. In order to have the purest expression of the fruits, the usage of new oak barrels is discreet and accordingly to the level of the vineyards:

  •  Village (100% destemmed, 20% new oak barrels)
  • 1er Crus (70% destemmed, 25%-35% new oak barrels)
  • Grand Crus except the most prestigious Musigny (50% destemmed, 35%-45% new oak barrels)
  • Musigny (0% destemmed, 35-45% new oak barrels)

His wines from Chambolle Musigny are highly sought-after and always demand a premium. However, he also produces excellent wine from Morey St-Denis, Clos de la Bussiere 1er Cru, a monopole of the Domaine which often offers a taste of the wines from Domaine Georges Roumier without breaking the bank (compared to the Chambolle Musigny Les Cras 1er Cru & Les Amoureuses 1er Cru).

Clos de la Bussiere is often a firmer wine with more power and also a touch of rustic edge which made the difference to his wines from Chambolle Musigny. However, the warmth from the 2009 vintage lends the wine a lush texture with stunning concentration of sweet fruits which rounded and polished up the rustic edge that usually seen from the less warm vintages. A sensual wine.

Tasting Note:

2009 Domaine G. Roumier / Christophe Roumier Morey St. Denis 1er Cru Clos de La Bussière (France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Morey St. Denis 1er Cru)

  • Alcohol :: 13%
    Decanted for 2.5hrs. Medium ruby red with purplish hue. This is the best Bussiere I have had to date. Highly aromatic, perhaps a little bit more on the wild side, meatiness, black cherry liquor, blackcurrant, iron, star anise, chalky mineral and hint of stem, very ripe but with good freshness and focus. Full and expansive, while this has very ripe dark fruits, the acidity is ripe and lively which give it a good definition. Creamy, rounded texture accompany by very firm but ripe tannin and structured which resulted in a kinda robust, power character but still retain good sense of finesse that leads to the intensely long finish that is quite spicy. It was so giving in the middle of lunch, but slowly tighten up toward the end of the lunch as the tannin and oak become slightly more obvious but also provide even better grip. Give it another 5-7yrs and will certainly be sensational. Yet another terrific wine from Roumier. 92-93+
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